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MA- MCS Media and Communication(BS- MCS )-Road Map

Overview Road Map

Semester I

Course CodeName of SubjectCr. Hrs.
MC-501 Introduction to Mass Communication 3
MC-506 Media history, Press Laws and Ethics 3
MC-505 Computer Skills 3
MC-502 Journalistic Techniques-I 3
MC-513 Introduction to Broadcast Media 3
Total 15

Semester II

Course CodeName of SubjectCr. Hrs.
MC-504 Fundamentals of social sciences 3
MC-512 Journalistic Techniques II 3
MC-516 Fundamentals of Advertising and PR 3
MC-521 Media and Society 3
MC-503 Mass Communication Theories 3
Total 15

Semester III

Course CodeName of SubjectCr. Hrs.
MC-515 National and International Affairs 3
MC-517 Media writing skills 3
MC-514 Communication for development 3
MC-522 Media Strategy and Planning 3
MC-526 International Communication 3
Total 15

Semester IV

Course CodeName of SubjectCr. Hrs.
MC-511 Research methods in Mass communication 3
MC-536 Consumer Behavior 3
MC-537 Visual Communication 3
MC-524 Issues in Mass communication 3
MC-538 Fundamentals of Production 3
Total 15

Total No. of Courses: 20 Total & Credit Hours: 60

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