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The field of Communication and Technology have intertwined in every aspect of social life in today's world, and this is a unqiue human achievement. In the age of information, The School of Media and Communication Studies in the University of Management and Technology, strives to deliver an education that encourages and assists individuals to take control of meanings rather than being controlled by it. The School of Media and Communication Studies emphasizes on developing habit of critical thinking with the understanding that can be expressed not only by words but also by images and sounds.

The technological innovations are very closely monitored and quickly adopted, facilities are continuously improved technologically, and are efficiently integrated into education and training. The artistic and cultural effects of such innovations are of great interest in our understanding of education. In this regard, I have revised the curriculum of SMCS to face the current international standards and challenges due to these rapid changes.

The SMCS offers a wide range of degree programs such as PhD, M.Phil., MA and four years BS in the interrelated disciplinary fields in media and communication, which embraces different theoretical and methodological approaches to develop the skills required for working in leading edge media professions; such as theory and practice of media, art management, film and television, journalism, photography and video, digital media, public relations and advertising. All these fields together constitute a large landscape of knowledge that assures the students to navigate in the appropriate direction in both education and career.

Prof Mugheesuddin Sheikh,

Masters in Journalism University of IOWA, USA

PhD (Mass Communication) University of IOWA, USA

Dean, School of Media & Communication Studies,


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