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Ph.D. Media and Communication Objectives of the Program:

There are multiple objectives of Ph.D. program in Media and Communication at the School of Media and Communication Studies, University of Management and Technology

  • · The main focus of the course is to get a critical understanding of the field of media and communication and how it influences modern society, the culture of the people, politics, and in turn the economy of a country. By undertaking this academic cum research-oriented degree program, one gets a deep insight into the role of media, be it television, cinema, print media, or digital media in shaping the socio-cultural aspects in today’s world.
  • · To build up-to-date expertise and understandings in existing knowledge of media and communication studies and to mold students as knowledge creators, critical thinkers, keen observers, media analysts, and communication designers.
  • · To prepare Ph.D. scholars for an academic career in the field of Media and Communication and to develop well-equipped advanced-level research skills by providing specialized hands-on training during course work.
  • · To enhance a deep sense of understanding about the role of media in highlighting social issues through various research studies.
  • · To create market-oriented human resources in the age of ongoing digitalization in media.
  • · With the rise of globalization and global cooperation, it is the need of the hour to develop professional competencies through up-to-date high-impact research to deal with international market standards.

Scope of the Program:

The Ph.D. in media and communication prepares students to become academic researchers, faculty members, and communication experts but also offers them pathways to careers in media-related industries, such as public relations, journalism, advertising, and mass media

Program Details

This program is divided into three parts; coursework, comprehensive exam, and dissertation. The duration of this program is a minimum of 03 years and a maximum of 08 years. Coursework is spread over a period of two semesters, involving courses of 18 credit hours. After the successful completion of the course, work students will appear in a comprehensive exam (Max 2 Attempts) followed by Viva Voce. After defending the comprehensive exam, students will be permitted to write their proposals under the close supervision of their supervisors. The proposal will be discussed in the Departmental Doctoral Committee and finally in the Board of Advance Studies & Research (BAS&R) of the University of Management and Technology. After final approval of the proposal, students will go for the Dissertation.

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