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The development of communication technology using IC’s and the use of computers accessing information, have drastic impact on the art of managing information & communication in today’s environment.  This development has caused an astronomical growth in the Media and Communication industry, which has turned into a powerful empire with many branches, covering every single aspect of life. Among the most influential media branches are mass media, broadcast and advertising media, news media, digital, and electronic media, each of which can be explored or specialized in, with a Master in Media and communication program. Media requires different talents, such as creative writing, logic, systematic thinking, skills to deal with redundant information, and it requires strong ethical principles and independence as well. These kinds of skills are what media professionals are looking for and you can develop and strengthen them with a Master in Media and Communication degree.

If you like to join the ranks of professionals devoted to information and building networks, then you are invited to review the descriptions of the Program of Master in Media and Communication offered in SMCS. Take steps towards your future career with a Master in Media and Communication at UMT, today

Master in Media and Communication program is completed in a term of two years, divided into four semesters (four months each) with 67 or 66 Credit hours.

  • MA Program (2 years Research track)
  • MA Program (2 years Project track)

Admission Requirements:

  •  Minimum 45% marks in annual system or 2.0 CGPA in semester system in previous degree and Interview

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